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If you want to be able to rely on your geothermal system year after year for excellent heating and cooling throughout your home, then it needs to be professionally installed, Total Energy Concepts, is that company. They installed my system in 1991and after 22 years I called them to replace my unit even though it was still operating flawlessly.
"The WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump is everything that we were told. We are heating and cooling a house that's twice the size of our other house with less money. At our old house, the combined electric and natural gas budget bill was around $130-$140 a month. Our electric budget at this house is currently $155 a month. TEC did a wonderful job integrating the Geo system with an heat recovery ventilation unit that supplies our house with fresh air. We just love our system."
In Portland Oregon and Southwest Washington, more heat is generally extracted from the ground loop then is rejected into the ground during the year. The heat supplied to the pool below, we cool the house by extracting the heat from the house and transferring it into the ground or the pool.
"It's been all it was advertised to be. I've kept meticulous records and the average monthly utility bill has been $175 (for a 5,000 sq. ft home). That includes heating, air conditioning, hot water, lights and appliances. I've looked at other manufacturers and in the end, found they did not have the package WaterFurnace does. I'm a big fan of WaterFurnace and Total Energy Concepts."
"John thank you for installing the WaterFurnace system in my home back in 1994. My home has never been so comfortable either heating or cooling. I know the cellulose insulation helped as well. Thanks again for a complete package."
"Since installing my WaterFurnace AT geothermal system 19 years ago, we have enjoyed the reliability, comfort and low heating and cooling cost. Total Energy Concepts, said that the only maintenance would be cleaning the filters every three months and they are so right. John we love our system! If we build again we would definitely install a geothermal system, heat pump, again with Total Energy Concepts because of their knowledge and expertise."
Our electric bill drop $120.00 for last month. Thank you Total Energy Concepts, Inc
A geothermal heating and cooling systems installed by Total Energy Concepts, comes in three basic configurations, designed to meet the needs of your home and provide the highest efficiency and the greatest energy savings. They stand behind their work. My new geothermal system.
"I'd like to report that our WaterFurnace geothermal water to water system is doing well. The January heat bill was half of the bill a year ago when we were heating with the oil broiler. We now have 100% of our domestic water with the geo unit as well. Now that's progress. Great system Total Energy Concepts."
Q: What is a geothermal heat pump? A: A geothermal or “ground-source” heat pump is an electrically-powered device that uses the natural heat storage ability of the earth and/or the earth’s groundwater to heat and cool your home or business. We built our home in 2008 and TEC installed the geo system. It has worked flawlessly and we are very happy. Call us today to see how we can help with your geothermal heating and cooling needs.
"Hey John. We thought that we would drop you a note saying thank you for installing our system in Ohio! It works great. We are looking out our window with the snow on the ground and our system is just humming along. Oh, yes the kids are skating on the pond where the loop is installed. Thanks again. Dan and Ann"
Yearly check up went well. Selma came out and checked out our system for the yearly review. Loop pressure, water and air temperature and voltage all check out. We love our investment. Thank you Selma and John.
"We chose a WaterFurnace system because it's a top-of-the-line system. We're very happy with it. The air is always clean and fresh. And the best thing is it's worry free. I can set the thermostat on 70 and no matter if it's 20 degrees outside or 110 in the shade, I don't have to mess with this system at all. And it doesn't cost us an arm and a leg to heat and cool."
"Along with the low operating cost, we also like the comfort levels of new geothermal Envision unit. Our previous home was gas heating and we always seemed to have cold and hot spots. Our new house, heated and cooled by geothermal is more evenly heated and cooled because of the design that Total Energy Concepts provided."
Felix said of a recent service call. Thank you for the quick response! Forrest arrived when he said that he would and had everything working in very short order! Whenever you try to decide on a vendor for an equipment purchase, you always hope that you select the very best vendor, i.e. reliability, efficiency, technical capability, etc. Without a doubt, we definitely made the right choice in Total Energy Concepts!! Thanks again.
"With a brand new all electric home that's twice the size of my previous home, I figured I'd pay well over $100 a month for electricity. I was wrong. I'm averaging less than $100 per month. The WaterFurnace system delivers better comfort and free hot water. It doesn't have the big temperature swings that natural gas furnaces have. It's a much better system and has saved me a lot of money."
"I spent two years researching what I wanted in my house and looked into geothermal closely. I liked what I saw. The unit is in the garage and I don't hear it at all. The house is nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer! I like the free hot water as well."
"We did the absolute right thing by going with WaterFurnace and TEC. It costs much less than heating and cooling with gas or oil. And it's the most environmentally friendly system there is, which is a big concern to us. We don't like burning fossil fuels so it was the only sensible choice. When we were building our home, we knew it would be our retirement home, so we wanted the most economical and environmentally responsible system available. I had read an article about geothermal and started doing more research on it. WaterFurnace has the most reputable brand on the market. The air is always warm, and the air conditioning feels naturally cool. It's definitely worth the investment. I especially love the fact that the system doesn't require upkeep, just clean your filters. No expensive servicing of the furnace every year and no worry about harmful fumes or emissions. We're the poster children for geothermal technology. We love it!"
We installed ground source heat pumps in our commercial building, We are so pleased with the performance of Total Energy Concepts and the WaterFurnace E-Series units.

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